Saturday February 18th 2012, 2:45 pm
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Back in 2010, I went through a pretty serious obsession tape delay, specifically live processing with a Revox B77. It found its way into two of my pieces: my concerto IMMEDIATA, and this one, which premiered at the Melbourne Jazz Festival to just the right amount of bemusement, aggression and perplexed astonishment.  For this piece players are placed in balconies around the audience, much like Nono’s Promoteo. The work is based on qradraphonic tape loops which are tape cut ups from the On The Corner Sessions. I transcribed the pitches from the loops and orchestrated these for the Australian Art Orchestra, minus piano, bass and drums, because the rhythm section is represented adequately on the tape, albeit distorted and twisted beyond recognition.


The notation is a combination of graphic indications, specific pitch collections and verbal instructions. The feature players are 3 of my most valued colleagues in this country: Erkki Veltheim, Scott Tinkler and Vanessa Tomlinson.

Details HERE

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