Friday July 10th 2009, 4:20 pm
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There is now a playlist HERE, otherwise click around below….


Solo at GRM, Paris, 2019

Duo with eRikm, Sydney, 2019

North of North, Ulrichsberg, 2018

Duo with eRikm, Florence, 2018

Duo with eRikm, Prague, 2018

Solo Piano, Berlin, 2017

tetema, Hobart, 2017

North of North, Milan, 2016

Solo Piano, Oslo, 2015

Another Other, Castlemaine, 2014

Duo with Erkki Veltheim, Melbourne, 2014

Tenz, tetema film clip by Sabina Maselli, 2014

All Of Your Nightmares At Once for vibraphone trio, Brisbane, 2014

Solo Electronics, Brussels, 2014

Solo Piano, Cologne, 2013

Hypnagogics for microsounds and tape, Berlin, 2013

Nekkersdaal Eden for piano, cello and Electronics, Perth, 2012

Refractions for percussion sextet, Basel, 2012

PIVIXKI, Kosice, 2011

PIVIXKI/Patton, San Francisco, 2011

Duo with Valerio Tricoli, Cologne, 2011

Flesh and Ghost for 12 percussionists, Hobart, 2011

Thymolphthalein, Wels, 2010

Crystalline for string quartet, Melbourne, 2010

PIVIXKI, Melbourne, 2009

Duo with Robin Fox, Geneva, 2009

Piano Solo, Blue Mountains, 2009

76755 for percussion quartet, Amsterdam, 2008

Duo with Paul Lovens, Szczecin, 2007

Prepared Piano Solo, Lisbon, 2007

Pateras/Baxter/Brown, ABCTV, 2006

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